Saturday, August 1, 2009

Kaliningrad, Russia

Today Joshua left with RVC Global Project to Kaliningrad, Russia. We were blessed that he had an afternoon flight because we got to spend part of the morning together. I don't think it sunk in that he was leaving for 10 days until this morning. I know 10 days to some of you may not seem like a long time, but it's 10 days with minimal communication with your best friend that will only include texting and possibliy email. (Apparently the phone rate in Russia is $4.99 a minute! yikes!)

But even though I will miss him terribly and long to simply talk to him, I must not loose sight of the bigger picture. Joshua and the team are going to work with one orphanage the whole week. Their main goal- spreading the Gospel and sharing the love of Christ.

Joshua and I are going to becoming a team- united with one cause, one goal, one finish line. So I will strive to focus on the bigger picture, because knowing, trusting and living for Christ is far greater and more important than my feelings.

August 3rd- I received a text that read "After 2 days of traveling we are finally in RUSSIA! Just had a team meeting and we are all pumped for this week of ministry! Love ya guys :) "

Please continue to pray for Global Project Russia!


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