Sunday, August 16, 2009

Quality Time

My turn for a movie post...

We saw the new novel-based film, The Time Traveler's Wife  last night.  The longer I think about it, the more I realize how much I enjoyed it!  Without giving too much away, the movie is at it's most basic about a couple's struggle to find time together, and to enjoy one another's company as much as possible (given the obvious obstacles, found in the title alone).

My time in Russia, away from her, certainly was not easy.  While I was "getting my mission on" (which should be the daily life of any follower of Christ), God definitely provided more than enough so that I was not consumed with missing her.  But deep down I was longing for our return. Being around the world was on such another level now that we are engaged.  T-Mobile rates are $5.99/minute in Russia, so needless to say we didn't talk the whole time I was there (but we did steal :55 from the universe while I was in SVEDEN).  Being back- actually getting to hear her voice and spend time together daily, ahhh...

Quality time is undoubtedly where it's at for us.  We are both so glad to be done w/ our college careers and near each other; long distance for as long as we did it was long enough!  Both of us being in MN means that we don't have to search for the time like Rachel McAdams and Eric Bana... but similar to theirs our time together is so sweet!   

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