Sunday, August 23, 2009

Be careful with that gun.

Josh and I had the joy of registering this past week at Target and Kohls. I was looking forward to when we got to walk the aisles picking out what our living quarters would look like, but always said, "when we go, we must bring snacks."

So with wheat thins in my purse and a gun in my hand we set out to make too many decisions in one setting.

I was surprised how well it went. There were no big brawls in the kitchen aisles or mad stomp offs while looking at bathroom towels. We were quick to compromise in any conflicting interests in taste.

We realize even now before we receive anything that we are blessed to have so many people in our lives willing to help us get started with our life together!!! :)

our home's future colors:
Kitchen- burnt red and brown
Living Room- green
Bedroom- brown and light blue
Bathroom- diesel grey and pink

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Quality Time

My turn for a movie post...

We saw the new novel-based film, The Time Traveler's Wife  last night.  The longer I think about it, the more I realize how much I enjoyed it!  Without giving too much away, the movie is at it's most basic about a couple's struggle to find time together, and to enjoy one another's company as much as possible (given the obvious obstacles, found in the title alone).

My time in Russia, away from her, certainly was not easy.  While I was "getting my mission on" (which should be the daily life of any follower of Christ), God definitely provided more than enough so that I was not consumed with missing her.  But deep down I was longing for our return. Being around the world was on such another level now that we are engaged.  T-Mobile rates are $5.99/minute in Russia, so needless to say we didn't talk the whole time I was there (but we did steal :55 from the universe while I was in SVEDEN).  Being back- actually getting to hear her voice and spend time together daily, ahhh...

Quality time is undoubtedly where it's at for us.  We are both so glad to be done w/ our college careers and near each other; long distance for as long as we did it was long enough!  Both of us being in MN means that we don't have to search for the time like Rachel McAdams and Eric Bana... but similar to theirs our time together is so sweet!   

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Meals are meant to be shared.

Today I believe I set a new record. I saw two movies in the theater- both for FREE!

The first movie this morning was "Coraline" at the Kerasotes in Inver Grove theater with Nicole. The second movie this evening was "Julie and Julia" at the Kerasotes in Block E with Brittany.

I was not much of a fan of Coraline, but Julie and Julia was two thumbs way up. I think the part that I enjoyed the most about the movie was both Julie and Julia had great marriages. Usually in a movie like this it is a boyfriend and girlfriend shown living together, which does not have the same sweetness as husband and wife.

I enjoyed watching the interaction between the two couples and of course the element of cooking! I remember watching Julia Child on TV when I was a kid- so it was fun to recall that part of my childhood!

It is a movie I would highly recommend but at the same time it made me miss Joshua that much more. I look forward to the sweet interactions Joshua and I will have as a married couple and all the meals we will share as husband and wife.

There is something in sharing a meal with another person that I don't think we give enough value or credit. A shared meal is something that should not be taken for granted because it is daily partaking is something vital together.

Meals can be one big collaborative work of art. It is something that everyone can contribute to to create a tasty masterpiece. We are blessed with the resources to cook many meals, to try new recipes and have access to numerous grocery stores to supply all the food to make it happen.

So find a new recipe, cook it for you and a loved one, enjoy some good conversation and in the words of Julia Child,
"Bon Appetit!"

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Kaliningrad, Russia

Today Joshua left with RVC Global Project to Kaliningrad, Russia. We were blessed that he had an afternoon flight because we got to spend part of the morning together. I don't think it sunk in that he was leaving for 10 days until this morning. I know 10 days to some of you may not seem like a long time, but it's 10 days with minimal communication with your best friend that will only include texting and possibliy email. (Apparently the phone rate in Russia is $4.99 a minute! yikes!)

But even though I will miss him terribly and long to simply talk to him, I must not loose sight of the bigger picture. Joshua and the team are going to work with one orphanage the whole week. Their main goal- spreading the Gospel and sharing the love of Christ.

Joshua and I are going to becoming a team- united with one cause, one goal, one finish line. So I will strive to focus on the bigger picture, because knowing, trusting and living for Christ is far greater and more important than my feelings.

August 3rd- I received a text that read "After 2 days of traveling we are finally in RUSSIA! Just had a team meeting and we are all pumped for this week of ministry! Love ya guys :) "

Please continue to pray for Global Project Russia!