Sunday, August 23, 2009

Be careful with that gun.

Josh and I had the joy of registering this past week at Target and Kohls. I was looking forward to when we got to walk the aisles picking out what our living quarters would look like, but always said, "when we go, we must bring snacks."

So with wheat thins in my purse and a gun in my hand we set out to make too many decisions in one setting.

I was surprised how well it went. There were no big brawls in the kitchen aisles or mad stomp offs while looking at bathroom towels. We were quick to compromise in any conflicting interests in taste.

We realize even now before we receive anything that we are blessed to have so many people in our lives willing to help us get started with our life together!!! :)

our home's future colors:
Kitchen- burnt red and brown
Living Room- green
Bedroom- brown and light blue
Bathroom- diesel grey and pink

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