Thursday, October 1, 2009

On preparing

So we took the month of September off from blogging (Did you already know that? Or would you have never known w/o the explicit disclaimer? How often do the mighty waves bring you to our little depth of the ocean?). Not that we set out to do so; as you know sometimes we all just "live life."

Shelley has been student teaching for a month now. We recently started pre-marriage counseling. She is learning how to gain respect in loving ways. We learned some truths on just how to love & respect each other. She is on the road to becoming a full-fledged teacher. We are on a path together headed for marriage!

I believe the first time I picked up a book on relationships was when I was 16. Since around the time Shelley and I became "a couple", I've especially enjoyed reading them. Spending time w/ married couples we look up to... maybe checking out a podcast relationship oriented... taking extra good notes in church while in a series on love; whatever it has been, something inside me is always eager. I will straight eat it up. May I always be open and looking for ways to improve upon and deepen understanding of my relationship w/ her and ultimately God.

So I ask you: how are you investing? What are you doing to fix your eyes ahead (and working to balance being and breathing HERE and NOW)? While plans certainly have a way of dissipating to mere vapor before the eyes, simple steps of preparation can gear one up to be equipped for whenever the elusive moment comes that you'll need it...

-eager beaver #1, jS

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