Thursday, October 15, 2009

Our first supper.

Last week Josh and I attended the meal tasting at the Holiday Inn. I didn't think of it until now- but that will be our first meal shared together as husband and wife.

The ballrooms at the Holiday Inn were decorated as a wedding reception would be so if was very exciting to enter that atmosphere. There was only two other couples there- very much wrapped up in the Twins game.

They had all the food set out in a buffet style- the food consisted of:
2 different salads, rolls, green beans, 2 different styles of chicken and potatoes, along with pasta and walleye.

All the food was very delicious and we almost have the menu decided. No specifics will be revealed at the moment- we still want some things to be a surprise- no matter how small they may seem! :) All I can say is- come hungry!

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  1. that was was such a good night- all of the food was GREAT! Afterwards I went home and did homework for our pre-marriage class while watching the WILD mount a major comeback and winning in OT!

    Yes, Shell and I ALMOST have the menu picked...