Thursday, July 16, 2009

Save OUR date!

Last week, Shell and I were able to get our "Save The Date" postcards out into the hands of the masses. It was a joyful process (labeling/stacking, stamping/stacking), just knowing that it would be joyful for you all to be receiving them!

We had a little tribute session to Michael Jackson (we were doing this the night of his funeral) as we busted out a best of CD... classic. 

We quickly began hearing that people had received them just a couple days after we got them out (which was reassuring after sending them all out across the country), and have been given many compliments...

-The photos found on them were candidly taken during the actual proposal (in Millennium Park), by fantastic photographer Hannah Sutton!

-Then the card-stock layout and other elements were originally created by our delightful designer Amy Clark!

Although creating the guest list was not an easy task, we trust that those who ought to be there will be... who knows- maybe even a high-profile guest or two???

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