Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hammy (this is the man that will be marrying us)

Although it's not necessarily "new" news, we haven't publicized (blogged about) this one yet (it's never official until it's documented via the internet, duh!)... but we have asked Mike Hamilton to marry us (wed us, officiate us, etc.) on March 20th, 2010!!!  Hammy (the name that he is called most often) was the YP (youth pastor) @ C4 (Cross of Christ Community Church, the church Shelley and I grew up in) from '04-'08 (...I believe).  He has been a great YP (mainly for Shell as I was already off @ Moody when he became the "official" YP), ministry partner (Shelley was leading worship as a student and again in summer of '06, and I helped out pretty much anytime I wasn't @ Moody), and friend (the hangout, accountability, concert-goin', I'll watch your kids kind of friend... this is an exceptional type) to both of us!  We're super excited to have him be the pastor there for us on that day (since out of all the pastors IN THE WORLD he's the one who knows us best).

I enjoyed sharing this (hope you enjoyed reading it).    

-joshua (shelton)

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