Saturday, March 6, 2010


We went over to the Barringer's home last week to go over the music details w/ Naomi (and join them for dinner- Mexican of course :). Jim was our YP growing up, and he and his wife Naomi both had a significant impact on both of our lives...

We picked out five songs for our day, that she will be playing throughout the ceremony. Hearing her do even the partial previews of each, seriously made us almost start crying... can't wait for you to hear them on that day!

Their home is a total atmosphere of love... from the ways they teach, care for, and discipline the boys, to how they relate to each other is inspiring for our future. One thing I always thought about the two of them, is that they are living/breathing/practical examples of what following Christ really looks like in daily living... so glad our lives are connected!

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