Monday, March 16, 2009

The (short) Story

Growing up as "church friends," it wasn't until they were upperclassmen in high school that Joshua & Shelley actually became good friends. Through various opportunities of serving together, both simply continued getting to know one another. After spending much of the summer after Josh's high school graduation together, he could no longer hide his feelings for her... so during a car ride home he worked up the guts to admit that he liked her (which was an obvious certainty to anyone who had seen them together at all). But shortly after revealing what everyone already knew, it was time for him to move down to Chicago to attend Moody Bible Institute. Knowing that this relationship would be very different from anything he'd ever experienced, he suggested that they pray about what might happen to their relationship as he went away to college...
Nearly seven months later (during a campus-wide day of prayer, locked away in a cramped prayer closet), Joshua finally felt God giving him the go ahead. So while at home for Spring Break, driving home from a Caribou, he shared with her what God had told him- something that had also been confirmed to her, a few months prior. That was 3.11.05; the day it all became "official."


  1. Today I figured out how to have us both show up as contributors... so that it doesn't look like Shell is the only one posting! (just to clarify- I posted this one) :)

  2. I think you should go to Colorado! Wayne and I (kali's mom and Dad) went there for our honeymoon almost 25 years ago. It was both of our first plane ride and our first trip togather including the first hotel room. Yikes that was a long time ago. However we are still married. And they said it wouldn't last :)