Thursday, March 26, 2009

the army has been assembled!

Best Man
Ben Sutton (the college roommate and aficionado of Biblical Greek/relevant hip-hop beats)

Eric Taylor (the boy that's been with me "since the crib")
Scott Ritchie (the always comedic, Wild attending, straight up buddy)
Paul Davis (the warrior poet... anyone's life would be improved after 5 minutes with this dude)
Eric Helmin (.com; the multi-talented and reflective one)

Jake McNamara (the devoted, light-hearted, hopper-on of aircrafts himself)
Dustin Youngstrom (the genuine gentleman)

Jr. Groomsman
Dante Love (the bro, a.k.a "lil D", who will be 7 years old at the time of our wedding)

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  1. personal attendant - LOL - that is PERFECT.