Thursday, April 8, 2010


As I continue to look back and the whole wedding experience one word instantly comes to mind- Peace. I know it may be hard to believe because planning a wedding IS very stressful, and draining. Don't get me wrong- there were many frustrations, tears and wavering emotions through this whole process of getting married, but God never failed to provide me peace. It was the one thing I asked for the most, and it was amazing how God provided.

When March 20th rolled around I felt completely at ease about how the day was going to happen. Now when I say that, I don't mean I was without major nerves- because all I could get down for breakfast was some toast, sierra mist, and pepto! but everything we had spent so much time planning I was confident that everything would be how it should. I had amazing people helping us throughout the entire day and I had the expectation that something would go wrong so just let it happen and move on.

I had nerves about that right thing and that was walking down that aisle (in front of a lot of people) and standing before my best friend who would become my husband.

All that to say- praise to God the giver of Peace that surpasses all understanding- for I experienced that in great amounts!

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