Wednesday, February 17, 2010

valentines day tragedy

Seeing that Valentines Day this year was on a Sunday- Josh and I had decided that we would go out for breakfast before church for our v-day date. We dined at the lovely Panera eating scrumptious bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches along with an apple pastry and orange juice. Once we had gotten our food we were trying to find a good place to sit- we were about to sit down at a table by the window when Josh noticed a tragedy just outside. There on the ground was a little dead robin on Valentines Day. We decided that this poor soul died of a broken heart, on Valentines Day!!!- oh once we briefly mourned for our little friend, we found a new table and enjoyed our breakfast along with a little kings in the corner action! We both thoroughly enjoyed our first Valentines Day using the word "LOVE" :)

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