Saturday, December 19, 2009


Realizing that neither one of us really needs much else (and being on a budget) this year, we decided awhile back we would not buy each other any Christmas gifts...

Instead we thought it'd be cool to get our wedding bands picked out and ordered around Christmas- so we did that today! It was all pretty quick, as for the most part we both already knew what we wanted; for Shell: an almost matching band (white gold) of the engagement ring (but specially brushed #5), and a partially brushed TITANIUM ring for myself.

We went back out to Shane Co. in Woodbury for hers, but decided on Helzberg in the MOA for myself (they have a lifetime warranty option for the titanium, which is rare?). I was glad that we were able to get both of them ordered and taken care of on the same day. Although I must say, buying her first ring was a lot more exciting as of course it was a surprise (and about 10x more expensive)!

Three months tomorrow then you'll get to see them on our hands...


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