Thursday, April 9, 2009

wedding magazines

Today @ Barnes & Noble, Shell and I sat down @ a small cafe style table for two- with over half a dozen wedding / bridal magazines.  We just flipped and pa-roused the pages, jotting down any ideas or inspirations on a napkin for ours (many of them relating to the color GREEN!).  Basically I just wanted to share how much fun something even little like that was for us to do together.  

It's just funny because before we were engaged; throughout the years of courting, there were so many things that we would catch ourselves thinking and wanting to talk about but would have to be ambiguous about to protect each other's heart... and now here we were today looking @ wedding magazines together!  Like when after our proposal, after we stepped into a Caribou to talk about how we got here with a ring on her finger and to make phone calls / send texts, when we were walking to meet back up with Ben, Hannah, and Paul, we were gushing because the floodgates were finally open, allowing us to appropriately talk about OUR wedding!  

Also, we will prayerfully have the reception location booked by the end of the weekend, after the final tours and talks have been had. This will be a major relief, and will allow us to sit easy for awhile and take a step back from the planning... @ least until she graduates!  We already have the church reserved, so after this next step it will be all about the details details details.  Have a blessed weekend reflecting on the life, death, and resurrection of our savior and great hope Jesus Christ!

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